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Nachalat Binyamin - The Art Fair

About Us

Nachalat Binyamin Art Fair is the biggest and oldest in Israel, and one of the most beautiful and esteemed in the world.
The art fair was established in 1988 and is open every Tuesday and Friday, as well as on holidays and “Chol HaMoed” days.
The art fair spans across more than half a kilometer, through the promenade of Nachalat Binyamin.
The Art Fair’s unique location in the heart of the hustling and bustling midtown Tel-Aviv and the special urban surroundings, which includes several unique historic buildings and dozens of graffiti and street art, is a great attraction for a fun day in Tel-Aviv.
The art fair is run and managed by Tel-Aviv-Yafo Municipality, and is well organized and secured.
All the artists participating in the art fair undergo an admissions committee and are acting according to a permit issued by Tel-Aviv-Yafo Municipality.


תמונה של אמנים במדרחוב


The Art Fair is dedicated to arts and crafts.
There are around 200 stalls that showcase art and handmade products in the fields of:
Painting, Sculpting, Ceramics, Jewelry, Textile, Woodwork, Glass, Paper, Plastic, Stone, Judaica, Toys, Games, Dolls, Recycling and much more…
It is the ultimate place to explore new methods alongside traditional handmade techniques.
You can visit the stalls and meet the artists themselves selling their handmade creations.



תמונה הסטורית של המדרחוב


Alongside the veteran artists, new artists are frequently joining the art fair and you can always find new and exciting things.

The art fair is very well liked among tourists from all around the world that visit the art fair all year long and around the holidays. It is also a main Tel-Aviv attraction to visitors from all over Israel.

We invite you to come and be impressed by the historic architecture,

to get inspired by the street art and graffiti,

to sit at one of the coffee shops, to enjoy the street performers,

and enjoy the vast selection of art works and hand crafted products around the art fair.

At the end of the day – you can go back home with a unique and original gift for you and your loved ones.